Dr. Warner Brueckmann

Chief Technology Officer, Geomar, Helmholtz Centre of Ocean Research

Warner Brueckmann is the head of the GEOMAR Office for Industry Cooperation Technology Transfer. Warner is a long-term member of the ocean science community with more than 30 years of experience in technology development of seafloor monitoring systems for the oil and gas sector.

Warner has a background in marine geotechnics and has been responsible for managing a number of high-profile international marine research projects. He was the scientific coordinator of the Ocean Drilling Program for the US National Science Foundation and acted as an advisor to governments in the Middle East and provided consultancy to offshore companies, mainly in his role as leader of the Energy and Resources Group at GEOMAR.

For the past 5 years his primary focus has been in the technology and innovation domain. At GEOMAR he is responsible for managing the Helmholtz Innovation Fund.

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