Horacio Cartes

Former President of Paraguay, President of Grupo Cartes

Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara was born in Asunción, Paraguay, July 5th in 1956, businessman, sport manager and elected president of the Republic of Paraguay for the 2013-2018 period. 


The main shareholder of the Cartes Groups companies, a conglomerate of companies and industries dedicated in different economic sectors corresponding to food, beverages, tobacco, services, cattle raising, among others.


Recently Cartes Groups has announced two new ventures: HC Innovations in association with Yissum, the Technology Transfer company of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and with Cementos Concepción (CECON), that will demand a $200 million investment for the construction of the biggest cement plant in the country. 


Currently, this and other companies represented by the Cartes Group gives jobs to more than 3500 people in varied industries. 


As a sport manager, presiding the Club Libertad, a modest soccer Paraguayan team, achieved an extraordinary position as the 15th best soccer club in the world.


Cartes also oversaw as Director of National Teams of Paraguay, when the Paraguayan Team obtained one of its best results getting to quarter finals in one of the World Cups


In the general elections of April 21th of 2013, Cartes attained the presidency of Paraguay  


His government portrayed an efficient administration with a cabinet conformed mostly with professionals, record investment in infrastructure and social programs were made, which allowed Paraguay to continue growing in spite of an economy that was substantially slowing down in the region.

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