Ivelina Metcheva, PhD, MBA, CLP

President, VCU Intellectual Property Foundation, Virginia Commonwealth University

Provides ongoing strategic and operational leadership for a technology commercialization and economic development office serving a research-intensive public university with research awards of more than $270 million.

Led the development and implementation of a university-wide strategy on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development. Steered the establishment of the VCU Venture Creation University (VCU Squared) as a university-wide strategy providing entrepreneurial pathways to innovative students and faculty. Spearheaded and implemented a strategic pre-license value creation program to accelerate technology development including creating external commercialization advisory panel, establishing internal proof-of-concept fund to validate and mature inventions, facilitating faculty applications for external proof-of-concept funding, building strategic relationships with industry to facilitate IP commercialization. Streamlined the licensing activities and implemented an industry engagement initiatives for active marketing of VCU research assets to industry partners at the earlier stages of the innovation cycle. Oversees the management of a portfolio of more than 500 active inventions, over 300 patents and patent applications, and more than 160 active license agreements.  Facilitated the creation of more than forty start-up ventures, based on faculty inventions, which have received more than $64 million in start-up funding and have already introduced 8 products to market. In the past 10 years, VCU Innovation Gateway has helped introduced a total of 29 new products to market and has generated more than $25 million in licensing revenues for the university.

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