Mag. Lukas Madl, RTTP

Registered Technology Transfer Professional, tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH

Lukas Madl is Head of the research-to-value programme at tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH, Austria

During 25 dynamic years in key functions along the innovation value chain, Lukas has gained extensive multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral experience working in research, start-ups, and public and private organisations. He has moved both inventions and new technologies from the research lab to the market and also served as an external expert for the European Commission in the evaluation of research and innovation projects.

Lukas studied Genetics at Vienna University of Vienna and graduated in 1991 with an MSc. While having a full-time job, he also completed a 2-year academic training in geoinformatics at Salzburg University graduating in 2006. Lukas continued to expand his scope of knowledge by attending in-house and external training courses while pursuing his career in topics such as:

  • business and innovation management
  • project and research management as well as creativity
  • IPR (intellectual property rights), patents and technology transfer
  • ethics and social impact

Lukas hold memberships in the following: ASTP Protron: Knowledge Transfer Europe / LES Licensing Executives Society International / PFI Plattform für Innovation / IP network Austria

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